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Confront and Comfort -- During a lull in the action, Chris attempts to reach out to his new charge -- his mother. Set during 5x22, "Oh My Goddess Part 2." (Gen, PG)

Into the Dark -- She loves Chris, but it isn’t enough. It will never be enough. Love is not enough to save anyone; Chris of all people should know that. Unchanged future. Wyatt/Bianca, Chris/Bianca. (R)

Once and Future -- After journeying to the past, Wyatt returns to the present with haunting half-memories and the urge to tell his favorite little brother all about the trip. Set immediately after the end of "Imaginary Fiends." (Gen, PG-13)

Prodigal -- Before showing up in the attic during the Titans attack, Chris visits the Manor and reflects on where it all went wrong, and how he can make it right again. Set just prior to 5x21, "Oh My Goddess." (Gen, PG-13)

Undertow -- Like any little brother, he trusted you without question and always let you lead him, even into the pits of hell and back. Except that only one of you actually came back. He survived longer because he was always the stronger one between you. You have the magic, the vast amount of power that has left the world in ashes in your wake, but he is strong, unbreakable even in ways you know you can never be, and it has nothing to do with magic. Semi-companion piece to Caligula's Blood by tigriswolf. (Wyatt/Chris, unchanged future, R)

Lord of the Rings

Flash -- Merry and Pippin share a moment in Rivendell. (Gen, G)


The Way it Was -- Liam was five the first time he felt honestly, truly jealous of his brother. (G, story #1 for everyfiveyears)

Fools and Sages -- Liam had the unfortunate duty of walking his little brother to and from school every day. (G, story #2 for everyfiveyears)

Gratia Plena -- Just another quiet moment backstage for the Pace brothers. (Pacecest, Charlie/Liam, PG-13)



untitled ficlet -- Secrets have a way of being revealed. (PG)

Clarity: "I was happy being shallow and opportunistic and shagging him just 'cause he was available and willing." (PG-13, WIP)

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Portrait of an Artist -- Dom had a tendency to rearrange the furniture at random because the feng shui wasn’t conducive to relaxation; Billy secretly wondered if he did it just because every time he came in drunk he always fell over the sofa, and just moved it to avoid that particular embarrassing incident in the future. (G)

untitled ficlet -- This was not a Dom that Billy was familiar with, this very calm, serene creature stretched out before him. (G)

The Ballad of Dom and Billy -- "We really are the Beatles, you know." (PGish, gift!fic for the amazing standing)


Confluence -- Strange how these things always seem to fall into place. First attempt at the trio. (NC-17)

Mirrored -- Billy’s all tension and passion wrapped up tightly like coils inside him waiting to be sprung. He hides it well; he’s a terrific actor when he really gets into the role, and what better role to get into than himself? (R)



Coming Home -- Bobby struggles to sort out the thoughts in his head. (Bobby/Jean-Paul, PG)

Man Possessed -- After M-Day/Decimation, Bobby Drake goes looking for an old teammate who's definitely seen better days. He's armed with an offer to help, but is he willing to offer the kind of help that Jonothon Starsmore is looking for? (Gen, PG-13)


Chance Encounters -- Bobby runs into a familiar face at the most unlikely of places. (Bobby/John, NC-17)

In Memoriam -- It’s funny, the things you remember long after everything else has faded from memory. (Bobby/John, PG-13)

Mine, By Any Other Name -- They never made it to midnight. They had shared three holiday seasons now and not one of them had ended with the predictable drunken kiss at midnight on New Year’s Eve. (Bobby/John, Hard R)

Spark -- "The part I don't get," John started, voice still thick with sleep and making Bobby sway minutely, "is why we keep ending up in bed together." (Bobby/John, PG-ish)

untitled Christmas piece -- John receives an unexpected visitor and an unwanted bit of advice. (Bobby/John, R)


Changing Times: The Loan Shark (Urban Ghost Story) and Sol (The Purifiers). The Shark takes exception to the Purifiers' latest clean-up effort, and decides to teach one of their members a lesson. Unfortunately, he gets a bit more than he wanted. (R, WIP)

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four

Whatever Helps: The Loan Shark (Urban Ghost Story) and Charlie Pace (Lost). The Shark was quite certain that Charlie had a different God altogether these days, an old-fashioned heathen god that demanded fleshly sacrifices and offered salvation only for hours at a time. As it turned out, the Shark happened to be this malevolent god's personal messenger, which worked out to everyone's advantage.

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